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Eco-Friendly Menstrual Cup 2pcs
Eco-Friendly Menstrual Cup 2pcs
Eco-Friendly Menstrual Cup 2pcs

Eco-Friendly Menstrual Cup 2pcs

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For environmental protection considerations.

Eco-Friendly Menstrual Cup Introduction:

Menstrual Cup is made of 100% FDA & Medical standard silicon and can be used over years. It is a revolutionary product for women which can be used instead of sanitary pads. Let's say goodbye to pads and tampons!

When you order, you will receive 2 pcs menstrual cups, one L size, and one S size.

Very Important:

Size S: for women who have not given birth to a child or women up to the age of 25 years.

Size L: for women who have given birth to a child or who are over 25 years old

ATTN: Not suitable for virgin

What is Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup in two different sizes.

A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene product that is inserted into the vagina during menstruation. Its purpose is to prevent menstrual fluid (blood containing uterine lining) from leaking onto clothes. Menstrual cups are usually made of flexible medical grade silicone and shaped like a bell with a stem. The stem is used for insertion and removal. The bell-shaped cup seals against the vaginal wall just below the cervix. Every 4–12 hours (depending on the amount of flow), the cup is removed, emptied, rinsed, and reinserted.

Unlike tampons and pads, cups collect menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it.One cup is reusable for up to five years or more. This makes their long-term cost lower than that of disposable tampons or pads, though the initial cost is higher. Menstrual cups are also more practical and eco-friendly than pads and tampons.

How to Use a Menstrual Cup


1- Fold and Hold

Always start by washing your hands. Fold menstrual cup using a fold that works best for you. Many starts with the C-fold (as shown in the picture).If that doesn’t work for you, try some of the other folds to make insertion easier. Every menstruator’s anatomy is unique, so find the fold that works for you.


2- Insert and Ensure

As with tampons, gently insert the folded cup into your vagina, tilting it back to the base of your spine. The cup should sit as low as it can comfortably sit inside your vagina, normally lower than a tampon but with the stem fully inside.When the cup is inside, it will pop open, creating a light suction.


Don’t rush, take your time – it’s like learning to use contact lenses :) 

3- Use it up to twelve hours

One of the great benefits of using a menstrual cup is that it can be used for up to twelve hours. How often you need to empty your cup depends on your cycle and flow, though most menstrual cup users find they need to empty it only in the morning and again in the evening.

4- Remove and Empty

With clean hands, gently pull the stem of the cup downwards until you can reach and grip the base of the cup. Pinch the base to release the suction and take it out gently.


You may need to use your pelvic muscles to push your cup lower in the vagina to help you reach the base with your fingers.

When you have removed your cup, empty it into the toilet, and rinse it with water.

If you do not have access to water, you can wipe it with some tissue or simply reinsert it directly after emptying it. But make sure to rinse it at your next available opportunity.



5- Re-insert

When your cup is rinsed, you can reinsert it, and you are ready to go again!